A guide on the Clash Royale deck building

Clash Royale is a very popular game that is played by the Android users. This game is as popular as the Clash of Clan but not similar to it. The Supercell launched the game, and there are few things that you should know while playing the game. So one of the most important and engrossing topics is the deck building. And hence the clash royale free gems are also very important.So, let’s see the deck building.

Tips for deck building

Goblin: In the game of clash Royale you will see that it has various elixir cost. And each of them will affect the Deck building. If you are going to spend on the expensive cards, then it will take a long time for casting, but there is the chance of sticking there. So, in that case, you will have to spend weak troops always use the cheap cards for attacking your opponents or for reacting to their attacks. So if you can spend on the cheap cards, then it will come back to you frequently unlike the expensive cards, and you can cast them again and again. So this cycle should be faster so that you can easily respond to all the defensive and offensive opportunities.

Prince: You will have to concentrate on the target that’s whether you are targeting the building or the air or ground and which card will help you to deal with them. Some troops are using their air attacks towards the ground targeting warriors then it will make you lose the game. When it comes to buying the Troops who targets the air, then they will be very much weak, and they will be in constant need of tank and tower otherwise they will easily burn up. So depending on the targeting preference, you will have to select the card.

Tanks: Always take the troops that have high withstanding power during the fight as there will be a lot of hitting or punching so your troop should be capable of taking that. There will be different types of spells, and there are some troops that can easily cause a lot of damage but cannot withstand damage. Many troops will die before reaching the tower. So buying the tank is a very great idea. As the tank is going to have a particular target so troops will go back without challenging them. Tanks are also having the power of pushing back all the masses of Troops back to the place and stop them from reaching the tower. When it comes to tanks, there are different varieties of them as some are weak and some are strong. Strong tanks will easily absorb huge damage, but they will move very slowly. But weak troops are very versatile as they will move very quickly but won’t be able to take huge damage. So opt for learning how to hack clash royale.

If you can keep in mind these three points, then it will easily help you reach higher level easily. But when it comes to sending of troops then you should always keep it in a balanced. And send the troops in a combinational way. Because destroying the middle Tower will help you to win the game so make sure your troops are strong enough. The not only destruction you will also have to save your middle Tower from your enemies. So, attacking and defending the power of your troops should be strong. So during this time, the cards and clash royale free gems are going to help you a lot.

SimCity Buildit and Its Currency

SimCity buildit is the smartphone version of the famous SimCity series. It is supported with both iOS and Android although the graphic content has been toned down slightly as compared to SimCity 2013 so that it could be more compatible with the specs of smartphones. SimCity buildit is an EA game’s creation and has acclaimed success all over different countries such as Canada and Australia.

The game in its entirety is quite similar to its predecessor SimCity 2013 just a bit tweaking with the graphics to make it more supportable for smart phones. Other than that it has retained its musical content and its visuals from the former SimCity. It is a free to play game with in-game purchases an essential aspect. And like all gaming simulators it contains a series of currencies, five in total.

Simoleons: these are a lot like gold coins that are earned in the game by various activities such as selling or trading resources and by upgrading residential areas.

Simcash: money which has a slightly more elite form than that of simoleons, you can get them if you hack simcity buildit. It is the green cash of the game and can be either bought by real money or by unlocking city achievements or visiting other cities.

Golden Keys: the form of money that has to be bought by real money or can be earned via completion of shipments or disaster challenges.

Platinum Keys: this is the kind of money that cannot be bought by SimCash and can only be obtained by completing the Mayor’s contests which would then in turn unlock important rare items.

Neo Simoleons:
Are a part of omega items. Each Omega building or a home have the ability to produce

neo simoleons by the hour so in about 24 hours you could earn 200 neo simoleons. They take the shape of a hexagon and are blue in color. It is not often the game allows you to buy them with real cash.
You have the authority to change or alter the name of your city since it’s not something permanent. Initially in the game we start off with 25000 Simoleons and 50 Simcash and we have to spend it in building our city accordingly.

SimCity buildit is an amazing spare time experience it gives us the opportunity to spend our money and expand our city with much thoughtfulness and strategy a game that keeps its player well invested not to mention the influence the influence of former SimCity games that is still really fresh in the gaming community.

Easy Holiday Video Games the Whole Family Can Play

Looking for a good video game the whole family can enjoy? The Wii video game system has some really fun games for the whole family and the family can play these games together but you may need to buy another controller or two for the whole family to play.
The best video game for the whole family to play is Mario Party for the Wii game system. Mario Party is a bunch of different games that are played all in one game. You may be catching balloons in one part of the game and in another part of the game you may be trying to stay on a cloud. Mario Party is fun to play and four people can play it at one time. My family really likes to play this video game together because it does not require much skill to use the control so everyone has a chance to win.

Wii Sports is a sporting video game that has bowling, tennis and other games on one video game. Unlike Mario Party you only play one sport at a time. Bowling is a great family game that even grandparents can understand. You can actually get grandpa to play this game and he might even be good at it.

Wii Carnival is just that it is a carnival. Several games are on this video game and there is something for everyone on this video game. The problem with Carnival is that some people may want to play one game and other people will want to play another.

Madden Ten Football is a realistic football game. The players on Madden Ten Football almost look real and you control them with a Wii controller. This is a great video game if your entire family likes football. If anyone in the family does not care for football then find another video game for the entire family to play.

Sonic the Hedgehog may be an old cartoon but you can still get Sonic in a video game. Sonic Superstar Tennis is a great tennis game with a lot of action and speed. You may have trouble using the controller for this game because of the speed involved. If anyone in the family is a beginner at using a video game controller they may have some trouble with this video game.

Wii NBA 2K9 is a basketball video game that the whole family can enjoy. This is a video game that can be fun to watch or play. The family can choose teams with this video game and everyone can be involved. If your family likes basketball they will have fun with this video game.