Reviving the Trees in Hay Day Game

If you are tired of the point where your trees and crops are always dying in the game Hay Day? Then you have to consider some ways to keep your plants and trees alive like hay day cheats or by involving help from your friends and family members. When you are scrolling around the farms then you have to notice that your plants are dying by indicating the changing color for something which is looking a bit different than the ratty than usual. Therefore saving your precious plants you have to poke and see what the options are coming up. Therefore the only option that is arriving at that moment is axe and is being waited too long therefore the plants are about to go. If the exclamation point is showing up then you are having good luck. However, the plants are still able to be saved and the following are some points you could take.

Reviving Tress in the Hay Day

By the time when you get the exclamation point, you are supposed to drag it and then choose the plants to pop the signs adjacent to the tress in the ground. When you are doing so the players who have to visit the farm could tap on the flora which is fainting up to revive for you. By the time when you have planted the trees, you can poke it and then it would show up and would look like the megaphone. By using this technique at least once will let you make the posts about the problems if having Facebook wall, then enticing friends who are playing the game to visit and the shrubs are saddened.

Plants Getting to Live

You have to make it sure that the person who is saving your seeds by tapping over the signs which are sending them to the note. The friends are therefore great. Now when you are aware of the technique to revive your plants then before you are kicking the buckets, you have to make it sure that you are keeping an eye over the plants to get those exclamation mark signs on them before it be too late.You have to keep your plants very healthy so that you are having immense benefit of your trees and plants. Reviving your plants is the way to perform good in the game, therefore you have to make efforts to revive all trees.

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